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The Herpes virus is a nasty little thing – striking when you least expect it. You shouldn’t have to stress about when your next outbreak of cold sores or genital herpes is going to strike you.

That’s where V – Cream comes in! Designed to stop a breakout in its tracks, you should worry no more! With Seven Cells, you don’t even have to visit your doctor in person, you can obtain a prescription for V – Cream remotely, after a simple consultation with one of our physicians.

What is V – Cream?

V – Cream is a unique blend of active ingredients, formulated to control an active outbreak of the Herpes virus, whether you are suffering from a cold sore or genital herpes. V – Cream contains ingredients that help to relieve pain and inflammation, as well as containing the underlying infection. These ingredients include:

  • Powdered Valacyclovir (an FDA-approved antiviral medication that works by slowing the growth of the Herpes virus)
  • Lidocaine (a localized numbing agent)
  • Gabapentin (a nerve pain reliever)
  • Diclofenac Sodium (an anti-inflammatory and pain reliever)

This formulation of active ingredients works to slow down the activity of the Herpes virus, speed up the healing process and provide localized pain relief. While many other topical treatments merely focus on improving localized discomfort and drying out lesions, V – Cream works similarly to many of the oral anti-viral treatments, packing a punch in the fight against the Herpes virus! It is fast-acting and highly effective, so don’t wait, give it a try today!

How should I use V – Cream?

V – Cream should be applied directly to your lesions, whether they be cold sores or genital sores. You should apply a dab-sized amount of the cream twice a day and rub it gently for effective relief from your active infection. Make sure you wash your hands thoroughly after applying the cream. With regular use, you will be saying goodbye to that pesky virus in no time!

As a prescription-only cream, you will have a medical consultation with a licensed physician before receiving this product. We can arrange this all for you, taking the stress and hassle away. Your physician will discuss the application and dosage instructions fully with you to be sure that you are confident in what you are doing.

When should I start treatment?

For a speedy recovery from your infection, you should start your treatment as soon as possible after noticing your initial symptoms. You can also help to reduce the likelihood of spreading your infection, to other parts of your body and to other people, by suppressing the Herpes virus as quickly as you can.

By starting to use V – Cream as soon as your symptoms emerge, you can help to reduce the duration and severity of your infection.

Are there any side effects?

By using a topical treatment, you are minimizing your risk of any systemic adverse effects, as very little of the active ingredients make it into your bloodstream. V – Cream is generally very well tolerated by most patients.

The most commonly reported side effects occur locally and include burning, tingling, and itching. You may also experience dry and flaky skin in the treated area as the lesions start to dry out. If you do experience these side effects, they are likely to be mild and resolve within just a few days.

In very rare cases, some people may suffer from an allergic reaction to topical anti-viral treatments. If you experience any of the signs of an allergic reaction, including difficulty breathing, hives, and swelling of the lips, face, or mouth, you should seek immediate medical attention.

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