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Pain is unique – so you will need a customized treatment regime to help you to cope with it. Severe pain can be particularly difficult to treat, with standard pain creams lacking the strength to provide any meaningful relief.

At Seven Cells, we have come up with a solution for those of you dealing with chronic pain – our revolutionary Neuralgic Pain Cream. What’s more, we can put you in contact with a licensed physician to obtain a prescription for this highly effective cream, and deliver it directly to your doorstep, allowing you to tackle your pain without any hassle.


Neuralgic Pain Cream is a revolutionary compounded formulation designed specifically to treat severe pain. It contains a custom blend of ingredients that help to decrease pain and inflammation and is a highly effective treatment for use on nerve pain, inflammation, and severe pain.

Our formulation uses only the highest quality ingredients available, all of which are USP-grade – the most rigid standard in the world. Each of these ingredients has been hand-picked for its unique pain-relieving properties. The ingredients of Neuralgic Pain Cream include:

Diclofenac 5 % a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID) that has comparable analgesic effects to morphine.

Lidocaine 2 % acts as a local anesthetic that works by temporarily blocking the transmission of localized nerve signals, causing the treated area to feel numb. Neuralgic Pain Cream contains a higher percentage of Lidocaine than our ever-popular NPC-1 cream.

Gabapentin 2% – helps modulates nerve pain sensitivity

Ketamine 2 % – Ketamine is an anesthetic that helps to relieve localized pain when applied topically and is particularly effective at managing neuropathic pain. Using Ketamine topically helps to eliminate the risk of serious adverse effects associated with oral treatment while delivering a high dose of active ingredients exactly where they are needed.

We believe that you will be as pleased as we are with the formulation that we have developed. So go ahead and try it for yourself!

How should I use Neuralgic Pain Cream?

People of all ages and all genders can benefit from the pain-relieving power of Neuralgic Pain Cream. But, how should you use it to get the most out of your treatment? You should apply a dime-sized amount of Neuralgic Pain Cream directly to the skin above the painful areas twice daily as needed. Gently massage the cream into your skin until it is completely absorbed.

Are there any side effects?

The biggest benefit of applying a topical treatment is that the effects remain localized, minimizing the risk of any adverse effects. This makes Neuralgic Pain Cream safe for use by most people. If you do experience any side effects, these are likely to be mild and present only at the application site, such as warmth, redness, or irritation.

If you experience any side effects that concern you or persist, then you should stop using Neuralgic Pain Cream and consult with a medical professional.

You shouldn’t have to live with severe pain, give Neuralgic Pain Cream a try and experience quick and long-lasting relief.

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