SevenCells is for men and women who are experiencing health and wellness issues including hair loss, skin problems, and sexual dysfunction and prefer to receive treatment from the comfort of home. SevenCells treats patients in all 50 states. Please make sure to check out the FAQs for the specific service you’d like to use in order to verify any unique requirements or limitations.

No, SevenCells does not offer insurance coverage for its services but the consultation fee is lower than the copay for a doctor's visit under more insurance plans

Our team of healthcare practitioners are all U.S. licensed healthcare professionals that undergo an extensive background check and license verification process. If you want to make sure they are legit, you can see their resume, medical license, and credentials anytime you want by clicking on their name! 

We take our privacy and security very seriously to protect your information. SevenCells has rigorous security protocols and safeguards in place. You can read the Privacy Policy and see how we protect your privacy information. 

Seven Cells is currently active in 43 states and two territories:

Alaska, Arizona, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Missouri, Mississippi, Montana, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Mexico, New York, North Carolina, North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Dakota, Tennessee, Utah, Vermont, Virginia, Washington, Wyoming, Louisiana, New Jersey, Kentucky, Wisconsin, Texas, Kansas, Puerto Rico and the territories of Guam and the US Virgin Islands


No, you do not need a prescription to use SevenCells. Our team of physicians will write a prescription if considered appropriate after reviewing the case after your online visit.

Yes! To get a prescription you will need to have an online consultation with one of our physicians so he can review your case and determine the correct medication treatment.

No, in order to get the medications from our website you will need to have an online consultation with one of our physicians. But after you get our prescription and need a ¨refill¨, you don't need to set up a new consultation.


Our team has come up with a clever, inconspicuous, box so you can have your meds delivered to work, at home, or anywhere you want without anyone knowing what's in the package. For your eyes only.

At Seven Cells, all sales are final. According to the FDA and due to the nature of our business, we cannot accept returned products to our stock once they have been out of our possession. 

In order to guarantee the comfort and convenience of our customers, signatures are not required upon delivery.


Your online consultation costs $25. Be aware that this doesn’t include the cost of your medication if prescribed. If the physician determines that you are not eligible for the treatment, the consultation fee will be refunded. The cost of the medication itself varies. 

All our orders are shipped via 2 Day Air to ensure you´ll receive your medication as soon as possible.


For you to be an optimal candidate to purchase at Seven Cells, it is ideal that you have seen a physician within the last 3 years. 

Yes! At Seven Cells, we strive to make your life happier and easier. Wanting to make the experience of purchasing medications online as comfortable as possible, we've created a system that guarantees safety and satisfaction. All of our doctors are licensed to prescribe medicine and treat patients according to medical laws in the US. We strongly encourage our customers to be wary of buying prescription drugs from rogue online pharmacies, since according to the FDA it can be dangerous, or even deadly. 

Absolutely. Telemedicine, other than being practical and safe, is very similar to the attention patients receive in a clinic. The difference lies in receiving it from the comfort of your home. The effectiveness also depends on the patient's compliance and truthfulness. Healthcare professionals are only able to deliver optimal services when they have the upmost complete information.

Absolutely! After you finish the initial questionnaire you will be referred to a doctor for your online consultation.

Once a physician or nurse practitioner has decided you’re a good candidate for telemedicine, you can speak with them via messaging, phone call, or a video conference any time you like.

Some regulations require that our medical providers see who we're treating so in order to confirm your identity  we will need a picture of your ID plus a separate picture.

In SevenCells we provide the same level of professional care as a traditional physician’s office, but more accessible because we’re an online service.

In the online consultation our physicians will need to ask questions to understand your case and prescribe you the best treatment.