About Us

Seven Cells is the next standard for wellness. Made for the people who understand the importance of quality.

Healthy Body, Skin, Sex, Hair

Our commitment is to the human body and your wellbeing. We are a first-of-its-kind brand to own the compounding lab, pharmacists and providers, to ensure the highest quality of our products. We believe in taking care of the body for as long as we can so that we may take advantage of living a long, purposeful life.

Performance & Quality Above All

Only Quality Ingredients

Wellbeing, Optimized

Our Goal is one

Daily Health in the Comfort of your Home

To bring an a la carte wellness pharmacy to the palm of your hands.

Our Team

We are a group of US licensed medical doctors who want to provide you the most discreet and professional care with genuine prescription medication treatment delivered in unmarked packaging (if approved).


Our board certified physicians will point you towards the best solution for your unique individual needs. We are here to help you live your healthiest and most powerful life.


We bring the doctor to your doorstep. No waiting rooms or embarrassing face-to-face conversations. Our expert physicians will review your history and call you at home.


Your medication will be delivered to you directly, in packaging that wont make your neighbors raise their eyebrows. Your healthcare is private, period.

Medical Director for Seven Cells

Rupesh Dharia, MD

John DeLuca, MD, DC

Matthew Ramseyer, MD

CPT. Michael Carpino DMSc. (candidate), MPAS, PA-C