Generic Tazorac ®
Generic Tazorac ®

Generic Tazorac ®

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Tazorac, or tazarotene, is a retinoid product, similar to vitamin A which helps to regenerate the skin more quickly, improving its appearance and texture.

Tazorac can be used to treat both mild and moderate facial acne and plaque psoriasis (raised, silvery flaking of the skin in adults).


Important safety information

Hyperpigmentation, psoriasis, wrinkles, fine lines, or clogged pores? Tazarotene is a product that can help tame severe acne and can also target cosmetic problems you may notice on your face by helping to stop the spread and formation of acne by targeting the growth of skin cells and unclogging pores. This product is
*Topical cream or gel
*Commonly used to treat psoriasis, mild to severe acne, fine lines, wrinkles, and hyperpigmentation.
*Results typically are noticable in 4 weeks.

What is Tazorac?

Tazorac is what is known as a prodrug, which means that it is converted within the body into its active form. When applied to the skin, Tazorac is absorbed into your skin cells and metabolized to form the active ingredient, tazarotene acid. This active ingredient targets retinoic acid receptors, which are found in the cell's nuclei. This reduces sebum production from sebaceous glands, which acts as a source of nutrition for acne-causing bacteria that reside within hair follicles and create inflammation. Starving the bacteria of their food supply means that they decrease in number, helping to relieve the redness and inflammation which is characteristic of acne.

Tazorac also boosts skin cell turnover, improving the symptoms of plaque psoriasis as new skin cells displace the old ones at the surface.  

Order Tazorac online

You can purchase Tazorac online only if you have a valid doctor’s prescription. But don’t worry, you don’t necessarily have to deal with the hassle of booking an in-person doctor’s appointment and waiting in line for your slot. We can put you in contact with a local, licensed physician who can perform a thorough online assessment of your condition and decide whether Tazorac is the right treatment choice for you.

How to use

As a prescription medicine, you should follow your doctor’s directions carefully when using Tazorac gel. 

You should wash and dry your hands thoroughly before you start applying Tazorac to your skin. Make sure you thoroughly clean and dry the affected area first too. Apply a thin film of Tazorac gel to the affected area, as directed by your doctor, and make sure you rub it in gently. Leave the treated area uncovered and do not apply the medication to normal, healthy skin or skin that is scraped, cut, sunburned or affected by eczema. 

Tazorac gel is typically used once daily, in the evening, however your individual dosage will be determined by your doctor, based on your condition and response to treatment. 

Avoid getting Tazorac in your eyes, mouth or other mucous membranes and if this happens, make sure that you rinse the area thoroughly with copious amounts of cool water. Wash your hands thoroughly after applying Tazorac. Wait at least 1 hour after applying Tazorac before you apply any moisturizing cream or other skincare products. 

It is important that you use this medication regularly and continuously in order to achieve maximal results. It can help you to remember, if you use it at the same time each day.

Do not apply the medication more often or in greater amounts than prescribed as this will increase your risk of side effects and your condition will not improve any faster. 

Stay safe

Make sure you discuss any medical condition or allergies with your doctor during your online consultation. Also, tell them about any medications that you are currently taking, whether prescribed or non-prescribed. 

You must have a valid prescription before purchasing Tazorac, so any website selling this medication without a prescription is doing so illegally. Be safe and smart by consulting with a licensed doctor and making sure that you are purchasing genuine medications.

Side effects

Tazorac may cause mild side effects, including: itching, redness, irritation, burning/stinging, dry skin, scaling or pain and discomfort at the treated site. If any of these symptoms persist or worsen, use the Seven Cells platform to consult with a medical professional. 

Consult with your doctor right away if you experience any serious side effects, including: severe redness, irritation or peeling at the application site.

Very rarely, Tazorac may cause a serious allergic reaction. Seek immediate medical help if you experience any of the following signs: rash, itching and swelling especially of the face, tongue and throat, severe dizziness or trouble breathing.