Expert Guide On Where to Buy Sildenafil Online

buy sildenafil online

A majority of men at some point in their life will suffer from some form of Erectile Dysfunction (ED). For more than 20 years, Sildenafil (Viagra) has been the most common treatment for ED.

While ED is nothing to be embarrassed about, it’s not something you feel comfortable discussing with your peers. Likewise, seeking their advice on ED treatment is also a no.

Because of that, a lot of men are always looking for convenient ways to get ED medication online. However, it’s not always as simple as that.

Buying medication online carries certain risks like purchasing counterfeit drugs. You, therefore, need to ensure that you are buying from licensed online pharmacies

What Is Sildenafil?

Sildenafil (sildenafil citrate) is the active ingredient in Viagra and belongs to a group of medications called PDE-5 inhibitors. PDE-5 inhibitors are used in treating erectile dysfunction.

They work by relaxing the blood vessels in the penis which leads to increased blood flow. As a result, you can achieve and maintain an erection upon arousal. Sildenafil is available as both a generic drug and brand name for Viagra and Revatio.

It comes in different forms – a tablet, an oral suspension, and an injection. The oral tablet is the one that is used to treat ED although it can also be used to treat pulmonary arterial hypertension. 

Sildenafil comes in different strengths. The low-cost option is sold as generic 20mg pills. If a doctor assesses you and feels that you need a prescription, they will recommend that you take 1, 3, or 5 pills at a time depending on your situation.

One pill translates to a 20mg dose, 3 pills equal a 60mg dose and 5 pills translates to 100mg dose. These dosages are the closest to the more expensive sildenafil that is sold in 25mg, 50mg, and 100mg dosages. 

Men who are taking sildenafil for the first time are advised to take the 60mg dosage or three 20mg pills. Pfizer makes the generic, as well as Viagra-branded 25mg, 50mg, and 100mg versions of the pill.

They are also responsible for making Revatio which is the expensive version of the 20mg pill. The FDA approved pills for treating ED come in 25mg, 50mg, and 100mg dosages.

The 20mg dosage is approved for treating pulmonary hypertension rather than ED. If the 20mg dosage is prescribed for ED treatment, it is considered off-label. 

buy sildenafil online

Buying Sildenafil Online: Best Online ED Service

There are so many online pharmacies selling sildenafil. However, not all pharmacies do so legally or sell the FDA approved medication.

FDA-approved ED medications like Viagra require a prescription in the US. Any online pharmacy that doesn’t ask for a prescription is operating illegally.  

When you are buying ED medications, avoid prioritizing the cost. What you need to consider before anything else is whether the pharmacy is accredited and following the right procedures.

When you consider this, you are sure that you are getting a prescription only because you need it. You are also assured that you are getting genuine medication. 

Online pharmacies like Seven Cells are fully accredited and sell genuine Viagra. With such pharmacies, you also get to consult a doctor who will offer you their genuine medical advice.

A doctor will assess your overall health to determine whether you need ED pills. Depending on your situation, they will only write you a prescription if they think it's appropriate.

By using the best online ED service, you are also sure that your medical records and personal details are kept safe. Furthermore, all the doctors are licensed and comply with all the guidelines that relate to online prescriptions. 

Any genuine and accredited online pharmacy will have all this information clearly displayed on their website. That way, it acts as evidence that you are getting FDA-approved ED medication from a legitimate source.

If you can’t find such information on the website, chances are that the pharmacy is not as reputable as they want you to believe. However, if they are operating legally and are fully registered, they should have no problem answering any questions about how they work and the registration. 

What Should You Discuss With Your ED Online Doctor Before Taking Sildenafil?

While you are better off seeing a doctor if you suspect that you may have ED, a face to face consultation might not be the most comfortable. The good news is that you can get ED medications like Viagra, Cialis, and Levitra online.

While many online pharmacies sell ED drugs, you still need to have a consultation with a licensed doctor. That’s where online ED services like Seven Cells come in. Such pharmacies offer the full ED experience with a doctor’s consultation. 

Before you result in buying ED drugs online (especially the generic versions), a doctor should assess you to determine what could be causing your problem. It just may turn out that you don’t need ED drugs after all.

Conditions like high blood pressure and diabetes contribute to ED and these can be treated. Besides, your ED could be a side effect of the medications you are taking. As such, a doctor can decide to lower the dosage or tell you to discontinue the medication altogether. 

Sildenafil also interacts with other medications which might change the way the drug works. To reduce your risk of side effects and possibly permanent damage, tell your doctor about medications and supplements you may be taking.

They also need to know if you have any kidney, liver, or heart problems. Likewise, come clean about any penile deformities, bleeding disorders, and vision problems you might have. 

If your doctor writes you a sildenafil prescription, mostly it will be accompanied by a treatment plan and safety information. Go through everything. The Viagra pill doesn’t work well if it is combined with such things as alpha-blockers, alcohol, and even grapefruit.

How to Safely Get Sildenafil Prescription Online

Sildenafil requires a prescription that you can get at any licensed online pharmacy after a doctor’s consultation. Buying sildenafil online is not only convenient but discreet.

However, just like when buying any other medication, you need to do so safely. A genuine online pharmacy will require a prescription before selling you generic Viagra

Before you make a purchase, you will be required to fill an online questionnaire to assess your general health. This helps determine the best course of treatment for you.

Next, you will be directed to a licensed doctor for a full online consultation. The doctor will want to know about your symptoms, medications you may be on, and other health conditions you might have.

Based on your unique situation, the doctor may prescribe sildenafil or another ED drug in its place. 

The doctor will then talk to you in-depth about your ED and it's only after a complete consultation that they will write you a prescription.

The prescription is sent to the online pharmacy where you select your payment plan and make payments. The medication will then be shipped to you in discreet packaging within two days. 

Buying ED Medication Online and More

Buying medication over the counter is probably the safest option. However, with conditions like erectile dysfunction, the discretion of an online service is tempting. Luckily, there are so many pharmacies that sell Viagra online. Be wary though, because not all of them operate legally or sell the FDA-approved ED medications. Sildenafil requires a prescription that you can get from your doctor. 

The convenient way is to order sildenafil online from accredited online pharmacies like Seven Cells. Through a full online consultation, the doctor will assess your suitability for the medication. With such genuine pharmacies, you also have the luxury of reaching out to the doctor should you experience any problems while taking the pills.